Saturday, April 27, 2013

Amla and it's Benefits

Amla Make you Cool in Summer

Amla or Indian gooseberry, known as the God of Health in Ayurveda, is infused with a lot of medicinal properties. This fruit is round and slightly bitter-tasting functions as excellent in summer cooling. Because coolant activity, based amla drink is one of the most sought after drinks during the peak summer season.

Health Benefits of Amla

Gooseberry is a very good source of dietary fiber and is one of the most abundant sources of vitamin C. Even in dry form, the vitamin C content of the fruit small translucent significant.
In the case of other fruits, vitamin C content generally wont stay once dried. This means that this fruit can be dried and kept for use even in non-season.
This reliable time grass is a powerful antioxidant and helps improve the body immunity. The antioxidant properties help prevent aging and restores and rejuvenates the body's vitality. Amla is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine as a cure for many diseases and they are the main respiratory disorders.

Daily consumption of this fruit even mixed with other contents works well in improving the absorption of food, revitalizing the liver, enhancing fertility, improving cardiovascular activity and urinary systems infected soothing. In Ayurveda, Amla is widely used as a medicine to improve mental functioning due to its cooling effects.
Amla helps to increase the production of red blood cells and strengthens teeth and nails. Found that the daily intake of this fruit helps control blood sugar and reduce the cholesterol level.

A daily intake of two teaspoons of Amla powder is mixed with water to cure menstrual problems. Apart from curing a number of diseases, Amla helps nourish the skin and healthy hair growth. It flushes out toxins, strengthens the eyes and improves muscle tone.

Amla as Agent Cool Beautification

Amla acts as a beautifying agent due to its high nutritional content and cooling properties. Amla paste mixed with coconut oil & turmeric can be applied on the body to get your skin clean, soft and flexible. It also helps in improving the complexion. Daily, in morning splash some Amla juice on the face. This will help strengthen the immune system of the skin and prevent acne and pimples.

From the Indian gooseberry is associated with brain power, the external application of the fruits help improve mental functioning. Eating Amla Murabba daily morning physical and mental weakness is.

It also helps to keep the head and sharp eyes. A good oil massage Amla is a proven treatment to cure mental weakness. Works well when applied at night before going to bed. The Amla oil massage also relieves mental stress and induces sound sleep.

Amla or Gooseberry and wine sherbet helps keep the body cool even in midsummer. Currant wine preparation is easy. Take two pound of fresh ripe currant wash well and dry. In a pot ware put alternating layers of currants and a pound of sugar.

Also add 10 pieces of clove then close the jar and keep it for 20 days. Stir the jar for a few days. After 20 days, add one liter of boiled and cooled water (amount of water may vary) to the flask. Keep closed for 20 days, while stirring the contents occasionally. After this strain the contents into the jar and store it in wine bottles. To give color to the wine, you can add the caramel syrup.

The daily intake of Amla or external application or poor mans apple can be used effectively to keep ailments and other health problems much.


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